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EthosPay provides US based businesses with dependable merchant processing solutions. We work with dozens of banks simultaneously, to get your business approved with the bank that best fits your needs!

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Best Merchant Processing Solutions

Detail Transaction Reports

Chargeback Prevention Help

Multi Currency Settlement

Chargeback Alerts System

Multi-Processor Management

Secure Payment Pages

Secure Payment Gateway

Debit Payment Processing

Offshore MID’s

CRM Integration

US Domestic MID’s

In-depth Transaction Reports

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Echeck Services

ACH - Check21

Virtual Terminal

PCI Compliant

API integration

Advanced Fraud Scrubbing

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We Make Accepting Credit Cards Easy For ALL Types of Businesses!

Sign up with EthosPay now and get fast, free approval & setup. You'll find out for yourself why so many businesses use EthosPay as their trusted credit card merchant processing solution for both low & high risk businesses. Being in the industry for over 10 years gives us the ability to offer our clients the best service & cutting edge payment options!

retail merchant

Retail Merchant Solutions

Providing your retail store customers with the ability to accept credit cards will increase your sales and your customer satisfaction. At EthosPay, we make it easy for you to benefit from low rates and a fast approval.

restaurant processing

Restaurant Merchant Processing

Although most restaurants are not considered high risk businesses, it's important to shop around for the best credit card processing rates. EthosPay is a leader and provides you with an excellent support team available 24/7.

salon merchants

Salon Merchant Account

Owning a salon requires clients to pay at your physical location. By providing clients with credit card payment options, you will increase sales and keep your customers happy. EthosPay offers competitive rates & 24/7 support.

dental billing

Dental Merchant Processing

As a dental business, you will want to ensure that you aren't overpaying for your credit card processing fees. With EthosPay by your side, you will benefit from industry-low rates and a team of experts with over a decade of experience.

medical payments

Medical Payment Solutions

Give your medical business a boost by joining EthosPay. We will get you the best credit card processing rates along with constant expert support. See for yourself why so many others choose EthosPay as their merchant processor of choice.

seo & marketing merchants

Marketing Services Processing

As a business in the marketing industry, you will want to benefit from the lowest credit card billing rates available. EthosPay works with a variety of banks to find the best option for your specific business' needs.

adult merchant account

Adult Merchant Account

Being able to accept credit cards on high-risk sites such as sites with adult content is often impossible. At EthosPay, we accept high risk adult websites so you can accept credits cards at the lowest rates in the industry.

collections payment solutions

Collections Payment Solutions

Owning a collection agency may cause you some issues when applying for merchant accounts. However, we make the process easy by accepting high-risk collection businesses so you can accept several types of payments in no time.

continuity billing

Continuity Billing Solutions

If you have a business that receives continuity payments, don’t waste your time getting denied for credit card processing by banks. EthosPay accepts your high-risk business quickly so you can begin accepting credit cards today.

dating merchant processing

Dating Merchant Account

Dating sites are still considered high-risk businesses for banks. At EthosPay, we make it easy for you to get your dating site accepted for a merchant account. When choosing us, you will be able to accept credit cards at very low rates.

direct response marketing

Direct Response Billing

Banks don’t enjoy working with direct response businesses; they are considered high-risks. Choose EthosPay for your credit card processing needs and you will be able to accept credit card payments faster than ever.

mlm merchant processing

MLM Merchant Account

Easily get your MLM company accepted for a merchant account when choosing EthosPay for your credit card processing needs. We will get you the lowest rates available and provide you with all of the tools that you need to accept payments today.

nutra merchant account solutions

Nutraceuticals Merchant Account

Accepting credit card payments for your nutraceuticals doesn’t have to be difficult. EthosPay quickly accepts high-risk nutraceutical businesses and provides you with the ability to accept credit cards in no time.

travel high risk processing

Travel Merchant Billing

Whether your high-risk travel business needs to accept credit cards or even payments over the phone, EthosPay will make it happen. We will get you the lowest rates guaranteed so you can save money and accept more payments.

high risk merchant types

High-Risk Merchant Account

Whatever your business is, if banks consider it a high-risk, we can help you out. We quickly accept tons of different types of high-risk businesses so you can safely and easily accept credit card payments and more at the best rates in the industry.

Not only did you help me save significant money but you also helped me accept more forms of payment making life easier for my patients.

Alex Foxman, M.D. Beverly Hills Institute

Before I was getting ripped off on processing fees, with EthosPay I now pay less than half of what I used to. This is a company I trust & so should you!

Daniel Yacobi, D.D.S. Simi Valley Dental

We sell high end bags with some costing as much as $100k, after being denied 5 times I found ethosPay and got approved within days.

Evelyn Victoria BagHunter

Thank EthosPay for not only getting me approved fast but also helping me get everything setup since I am not tech savvy enough to do it myself.

Leon Haytayan Leons Jewelry

Thanks to EthosPay I have saved a ton of money on my credit card processing and I really appreciate the time you took to work with me to get this done!

Rosa Gutierrez Delmonicos Restaurant

I was approached by EthosPay and to be honest was a bit skeptical that they can actually save me money, I gave it a shot and I am paying 40% less now!

Leonora Fihman DPM Dr. Fihman


Applying for a merchant account is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. Simply fill out the sign-up form for a free quote on our website. There are absolutely no obligations.
Upon completing the form, it can take between 3 – 5 business days to get approved. We will notify you once you have been approved and promptly deliver the software or terminal equipment.
You will be able to begin accepting credit card transactions immediately after your approval. However, you will need to enter your merchant account information into the application. If you need the terminal equipment to accept credit card payments, you will need to wait until you receive it first.
Basic documents may be required in order to process your approval including proof of ownership of the company, a voided check, recent bank statements as well as recent tax returns.
With an EthosPay merchant account you will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.
It varies based on your volume, history, financials and credit. We can work with you to secure multiple MID's to increase the amount you are able to process.
You will be able to accept international credit cards. However, all charges will be processed in USD.
Yes, as long as we can see enough information. Your website does not need to be open to the public in order to qualify, but we must be able to see basic information about products and pricing.
When we receive authorization for a transaction, we will make you aware of it so you can issue a receipt to the client and complete the sale. The card issuer will then bill the client and EthosPay will receive the funds. We will then transfer the money into your merchant account, which normally takes 48 hours.
Yes, you will receive a statement every month. We provide in depth transaction reporting that will make accounting your transactions a breeze! Works with most major accounting softwares including QuickBooks.
Yes, we have many high volume merchant accounts that have multiple MID's to better manage risk and balance their revenue streams.
We provide an advanced fraud scrubbing system that will stop more fraudulent transactions than other systems available. We also offer charge-back prevention 3rd party solutions that will help you prevent, fight and DRAMTICALLY lower your charge-back rate.
EthosPay uses standard credit card transaction encryption protocols to ensure secure transactions at all times. If fraudulent charges are made, the processing bank will be responsible.
EthosPay provides support by email or you can contact our support team at: (800) 280-5287