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EthosPay makes it easy for continuity businesses to get approved quickly for credit card processing accounts. We also offer chargeback and multiple MID solutions!

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EthosPay Has Been a Leader in the Continuity Merchant Account Industry for Several Years. We Have the Expertise That You Need to Get Approved Quickly so You Can Begin Accepting Credit Cards in No Time!

Our fast approval process will allow you to get approved and fully setup just days after applying for an account with us. We offer a 100% free setup and 24/7 support so you can always be sure that everything is running smoothly. Choose EthosPay for your credit card billing needs and see for yourself why hundreds of others have made us their merchant processor of choice!

Continuity Merchant Accounts

There are many different types of continuity businesses and most of them are considered high risks by most banks. Most continuity businesses have to deal with lots of chargebacks and fraudulent activities, making it nearly impossible for them to get accepted for merchant accounts.

Some types of continuity-based businesses include:

  • Dating websites
  • Collection agencies
  • Multi level marketing
  • Direct selling
  • Nutraceuticals

At EthosPay, you can get your continuity business approved within a couple of days. We have been leaders in this industry for over a decade, giving us the expertise needed to get you approved even if most banks deny your application. We work with onshore & offshore banks that specialize in getting high-risk continuity businesses approved. Apply for an account at EthosPay today and start accepting credit card payments in no time!

Get Fully Setup in Days

We know how important credit card payment solutions can be for your business, which is why we don’t waste any time. When you apply for a merchant account with us, you can get approved and fully setup in a matter of days.

We offer a 100% free setup.

To make things even easier on your behalf, we offer a free setup of your new payment gateway. Not only will you be saving time and a lot of hassles, but you will also be sure that everything is up and running to perfection. On top of our fast approval process and the free setup, we also provide you with 24/7 support so you can get answers to your questions at all times.

Multiple MIDs Available

Our team specializes in working with high volume businesses and with most high volume businesses, comes the need for several MIDs. If your business requires more than one merchant identification number, we can help you get more. Getting more MIDs can become extremely beneficial if your company has high transaction volumes.

Avoid getting your funds held by the bank.

Banks normally freeze your funds if you are processing high volumes in short amounts of time. With multiple merchant IDs, you will be able to avoid the bank hold issues. We can provide you with multiple MID management solutions so you can rest assured that your funds are always safe and available.

Chargeback Solutions

Chargebacks are terrible for businesses and when you have too many of them, they can potentially destroy your business. Each chargeback comes with high fees, costing you a ton of money and too many chargebacks also sends a red flag to banks, making it almost impossible for you to get approved for merchant accounts in the future.

Lowering your chargebacks will:

  • Keep your business in good standing
  • Save you a ton a money
  • Keep customers satisfied
  • Avoid fraudulent activities

With our chargeback mitigation solutions, you will be able to get notified before a chargeback occurs. Whether it’s a client that wants a refund, a transaction that was denied or even if it’s fraudulent activity, you can deal with the issue before it actually becomes a chargeback.