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EthosPay specializes in getting dating websites approved for credit card billing accounts. We make it easy by offering a rapid approval process, 24/7 support and a completely free setup. We also offer multiple MID management for high volume businesses!

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EthosPay has been Getting Dating Sites Approved for Merchant Accounts for Many Years. We Work Closely with Onshore & Offshore Banks That Specialize in Approving High Risk Businesses. Apply for An Account and Start Accepting Credit Cards in Days!

Our rapid approval process will allow you to accept credit card payments within days of applying for an account with EthosPay. Our 100% free setup and 24/7 support team will give you peace at mind. With our chargeback mitigation solutions & multiple MID management, you can be sure that EthosPay is the way to go!

Dating Merchant Accounts

Dating sites often have a difficult time trying to get approved for a merchant account because they are considered high-risk businesses. With most dating sites having adult content and with numerous chargebacks, most banks want to stay far away from them. This makes it really difficult for online dating sites to accept credit card payments.

Some types of dating sites include:

  • Senior dating
  • International dating
  • Local dating
  • Niche dating
  • Matchmaking agencies

Fortunately, dating sites can rely on EthosPay to get them approved for credit card processing accounts. We have been leaders in this industry for several years, giving the required expertise to get your business approved quickly. We have special partnerships with onshore and offshore banks, which allows us to find a bank that is willing to work with your dating site. When you apply for an account at EthosPay, you can begin accepting credit card payments within a matter of days.

Accept Credit Card Payments in Days

EthosPay has been approving dating sites for many years. We are experts at quickly finding a bank that is willing to work with your business. When you apply for an account at EthosPay, you will be fully setup and ready to accept credit card payments within days.

Our experts will find a bank that will approve your dating site.

By working closely with onshore and offshore banks, we are capable of quickly finding a financial institution that is willing to accept your dating site. We will be able to setup your new payment gateway so you can begin accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards in no time. It’s simple, fast and truly rewarding.

Keep Your Chargebacks Low

EthosPay knows how terrible chargebacks can become for a business. That’s why we offer you 3rd party chargeback mitigation solutions so that you can avoid them as much as possible. With our chargeback notifications, you will be able to deal with issues before they become actual chargebacks.

Save money and your business’ reputation.

Avoiding chargebacks is important because every chargeback comes with fees and those fees quickly add up. Also, every time you get a chargeback, your chargeback percentage rises. With too many chargebacks, it will become impossible for your business to ever be considered for a merchant account in the future.

High Volume Merchants

If you business deals with high transaction volumes, you’ll want to benefit from multiple MIDs. With more than one merchant identification number, your business will be able to access funds at all times without any issues.

Benefits of multiple MIDs:

  • Always access you funds – no bank holds.
  • Keep track of sales with more precision.
  • Avoid overpaying for fees.
  • Keep your business rolling even if an MID gets terminated.

It’s easy to see how multiple merchant IDs can become beneficial for businesses with high volumes. At EthosPay, we specialize in working with high volume businesses, so we are easily capable of getting you additional MIDs. We will work with you to determine how many MIDs your dating site needs in order to function properly without any restrictions.