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EthosPay excels at getting direct response businesses approved for merchant accounts. We have a fast approval process so your new payment gateway can be up and running in days. We also offer chargeback solutions, multiple MIDs & a completely free setup!

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EthosPay Gets 99% of Direct Response Businesses Approved for Merchant Accounts. As a Leader in This Industry, You Can't Go Wrong When You Go With EthosPay. Apply Now and You Will be Accepting Credit Card Payments in a Matter of Days!

Our fast approval process will allow you to get your new credit payment option up and running within days of applying. We offer 100% free setup, chargeback solutions and multiple MID management. Our support team is available 24/7, making it easier than ever to get answers to your questions!

Direct Response Merchant Accounts

Direct response businesses rely on customers to make immediate purchases. These business models come in various different forms, but most of them make their sales with instant sales. Since most people rely on credit cards to buy items over the phone, internet or even in retail stores, it’s vital for direct response businesses to be able to accept credit card payments. However, most banks view these businesses as high-risks and refuse to work with them.

Some types of direct response advertising include:

  • Radio advertising
  • DRTV
  • Mail-based advertising
  • Catalogue sales
  • Online advertising

EthosPay makes it a lot easier for direct response businesses to accept credit card payments. We have been leading the merchant account industry for direct response marketing for several years. With our expertise and our close partnerships with onshore & offshore banks, we can quickly get your business approved even if other banks have turned you down.

Experience a Fast Approval

At EthosPay, we are strong believers of ‘time is money’, which is why we make sure that your new payment solutions get setup as quickly as possible. By approving you and setting up your new payment gateway quickly, you will be able to rake in more sales much sooner.

You will get approved in days.

Our team has been working in this industry for a very long time. We also work very closely with onshore & offshore banks that specialize in approving high-risk businesses such as direct response. This allows us to quickly find a bank that is willing to work with you and that would be perfect for your business’ needs.

Chargeback Solutions

Chargebacks can bring a company down. With lots of chargebacks, you will find it impossible to ever get accepted for a merchant account. Chargebacks also come with fees that vary between $20 - $40; these fees quickly add up and cost businesses a small fortune.

Avoiding chargebacks is essential for any business.

We provide chargeback mitigation solutions so you don’t have to worry about them. You will be able to receive alerts when transactions are denied, when fraudulent activities are spotted and much more, so you can deal with the issues before they become actual chargebacks.

High Volume Merchants

At EthosPay, we are experts at getting high volume merchants the amount of merchant IDs that they need. Getting several MIDs is often very beneficial when running a large business and we can get you more MIDs according to your specific needs.

Why you may need multiple MIDs:

  • To avoid having banks hold your funds.
  • To be able to track sales if you have numerous products.
  • To always pay the lowest fees for each product.
  • To avoid loss of business if an MID gets terminated.

Having multiple MIDs is very beneficial if you have high transaction volumes. At EthosPay, we specialize in working with high volume merchants. We will work with you to determine how many merchant IDs you need in order to successfully run your business without any issues.