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EthosPay provides US based high risk businesses with dependable merchant processing solutions. We have onshore and offshore merchant account options available for US based signers only!

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Ethospay: High Risk Merchant Account Experts!

EthosPay provides high risk businesses with dependable merchant processing solutions. We have helped thousands of merchants to obtain processing and work with over a dozen bank partners. Ethospay will find the bank that best fits your needs and business type!

Posted by EthosPay on Sunday, May 8, 2016

EthosPay is the Most Trusted Name in High Risk Merchant Processing. We Make Accepting Credits Cards Easy For ALL Types of Businesses!

Sign up with EthosPay now and get fast, free approval & setup. You'll find out for yourself why so many businesses use EthosPay as their trusted high risk credit card merchant processing solution. Being in the industry for over 10 years gives us the ability to offer our clients the best service & cutting edge payment options!

adult merchant account

Adult Merchant Account

Being able to accept credit cards on high-risk sites such as sites with adult content is often impossible. At EthosPay, we accept high risk adult websites so you can accept credits cards at the lowest rates in the industry.

collections payment solutions

Collections Payment Solutions

Owning a collection agency may cause you some issues when applying for merchant accounts. However, we make the process easy by accepting high-risk collection businesses so you can accept several types of payments in no time.

continuity billing

Continuity Billing Solutions

If you have a business that receives continuity payments, don’t waste your time getting denied for credit card processing by banks. EthosPay accepts your high-risk business quickly so you can begin accepting credit cards today.

dating merchant processing

Dating Merchant Account

Dating sites are still considered high-risk businesses for banks. At EthosPay, we make it easy for you to get your dating site accepted for a merchant account. When choosing us, you will be able to accept credit cards at very low rates.

direct response marketing

Direct Response Billing

Banks don’t enjoy working with direct response businesses; they are considered high-risks. Choose EthosPay for your credit card processing needs and you will be able to accept credit card payments faster than ever.

mlm merchant processing

MLM Merchant Account

Easily get your MLM company accepted for a merchant account when choosing EthosPay for your credit card processing needs. We will get you the lowest rates available and provide you with all of the tools that you need to accept payments today.

nutra merchant account solutions

Nutraceuticals Merchant Account

Accepting credit card payments for your nutraceuticals doesn’t have to be difficult. EthosPay quickly accepts high-risk nutraceutical businesses and provides you with the ability to accept credit cards in no time.

travel high risk processing

Travel Merchant Billing

Whether your high-risk travel business needs to accept credit cards or even payments over the phone, EthosPay will make it happen. We will get you the lowest rates guaranteed so you can save money and accept more payments.

other high risk merchant types

Other High-Risk Merchant Types

Whatever your business is, if banks consider it a high-risk, we can help you out. We quickly accept tons of different types of high-risk businesses so you can safely and easily accept credit card payments and more at the best rates in the industry.

  EthosPay Competitors
Set-up Fees Free $50 - $300
Swipe Rates As Low As .39% 0.69% - 1.89%
Account Approval Rate 99% Varies
Approval Time-Frame 24 Hours 3-7 Days
High-Risk Accepted Yes No
Mobile Processing App Yes No
Free Virtual Gateway Yes No
24/7 Merchant Support Always Varies
Next Day Funding Yes No
Accept Paypal & Apple Pay Yes No
Online Merchant Portal Always Varies