High Risk Merchant Account Solutions

In today's fast-paced, business-friendly world, there are more industries than ever classified as high risk by banks and other financial institutions. EthosPay has spent the last 15 years working with high risk merchants, providing the best merchant services for their needs and business requirements.

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What is a High Risk Merchant?

Defining a high risk merchant is becoming increasingly difficult as regulations and shifts in banking continually change and evolve. The advent of e-commerce has seen more industries than ever fail in an attempt to gain credit card processing solutions for their businesses. When a bank or financial institution rejects a merchant application due to it being high risk, it is generally because of one or several of the following reasons:

There are several reasons an application could be considered high risk by a bank or financial institution:

  • The business is new or a start-up and has little or no credit history
  • The industry has been blacklisted due to a bad reputation for returns and chargebacks
  • The industry deals with high-value tickets (for example - discounted airfare merchants, collection agencies, timeshare merchants etc.)
  • The industry deals with subscription-based services and/or products (for example - adult membership merchants, dating merchants, matchmaking merchants etc.)
  • The industry deals with high volume services and/or products (for example - nutraceutical merchants, retail merchants, skin care merchants etc.)
  • The business has a poor credit history due to a previously terminated merchant account
  • The merchant is targeting a blacklisted territory, area, or country

Highlighted Benefits of High Risk Merchant Services with EthosPay

EthosPay started out over 15 years ago by offering high risk merchant services to a handful of industries. Today, we have expanded to cater to over 50 industries with some of the best merchant services available. Some of the benefits of an EthosPay high risk merchant account include:

  • Alternative Pay Solutions. In addition to a payment gateway that works within the guidelines to accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card, EthosPay also offers a broad variety of alternative payment solutions, enabling your business to accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and many other forms of payment.
  • Advanced Fraud Scrubbing. Our unique rule-based management allows you to quickly and easily review transactions and block suspicious activity. We have created detailed parameters to help you catch potential fraudulent activity before the payment has been completed and a potential chargeback is necessary.
  • Secure Payment Pages. Card-not-present fraud is becoming more and more common as people purchase services and goods online. Our secure payment pages keep every transaction safe and secure, safeguarding your e-commerce payments and reputation.
  • Chargeback Alerts System. Avoid hefty chargeback fees with an advanced chargeback alert system that notifies you immediately when a client requests a refund. The system provides you with a three-day window to come to a resolution or refund the client and avoid a chargeback fee.
  • Multi-Currency Settlement. Accept a wide range of local currencies and credit cards with our multi-currency Our merchant services include this extremely convenient tool for merchants who wish to expand their business overseas.

We will approve your high risk merchant account within 72 hours – even if you have been rejected elsewhere – so your business can process credit card payments

Get fast approvals, world-class customer care & highly competitive pricing with EthosPay - the most trusted high risk merchant account provider for more than 50 high risk industries.

EthosPay enables high risk merchants in more than 50 industries to process credit card and other forms of cashless payments quickly and securely. Our credit card processing services are characterized by easy applications, fast high risk merchant account approvals, and world-class customer care, ensuring your business can grow and flourish.

Our high risk industry experts have vast experience in catering to the needs of global merchants who have been rejected elsewhere. Our network of acquiring banks enables us to guarantee a 99% success rate for high risk merchant applicants, an acceptance rate that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our fast and secure application process remains strictly confidential throughout and is processed safely by our specialist personnel who evaluate your business, industry, and options to secure the best high risk merchant account for your needs. Within 72 hours of completing an application, you will be contacted by our account management team and can begin processing credit card transactions almost immediately!

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High Risk Merchant Services by EthosPay

Being in the high risk processing industry for 10+ years gives us the ability to offer our clients the best high risk merchant services and payment processing options.

  • Detail Transaction Reports
  • Chargeback Alerts System
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • CRM Integration
  • Alternative Pay Solutions
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Chargeback Prevention Help
  • Multi-Processor Management
  • Debit Payment Processing
  • US Domestic MID's
  • Echeck Services
  • Advanced Fraud Scrubbing
  • Multi Currency Settlement
  • Secure Payment Pages
  • Offshore MID’s
  • In-depth Transaction Reports
  • ACH - Check21
  • API integration

Start accepting popular card payment methods for your high risk business within 72 hours.

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