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EthosPay is an expert at getting marketing companies approved for low rate merchant accounts. We provide an industry-leading support team along with a rapid approval process.

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At EthosPay, We Excel at Getting Marketing Companies the Most Competitive Merchant Account Rates. We Work With a Variety of Banks to Provide Outstanding Services and Fast Approvals!

Our fast approval process will allow you to be setup and ready to go just days after applying at EthosPay. We provide a 100% free setup and 24/7 support that is always available. We also offer chargeback mitigation solutions & multiple MID management for high volume businesses! Our rapid approval process will allow you to accept credit card payments within days of applying for an account. Our entirely free setup along with our 24/7 support team of experts provides you with a worry-free experience. Experience merchant processing at its best by choosing EthosPay!

Marketings Merchant Accounts

Marketing businesses often choose local banks as their primary option when it comes to their credit card processing needs. However, the first bank you choose may not be the best option for your business. At EthosPay, we work with a variety of different banks and we will match your business with the bank that is best suited for your specific needs.

Some of the Benefits of Opting for EthosPay:

  • We will find the best bank for your needs
  • 100% free setup of your account
  • Team of experts available 24/7
  • We have over a decade of experience in the merchant account industry
  • Chargeback mitigation solutions available

With our numerous years of experience in the credit card processing industry, we can get you setup and ready to go within days of applying for an account. Our fast setup is completely free with absolutely no hidden costs. Our way of doing business is complete transparency so you can always be aware of charges made to your account. Whether you're searching for competitive rates or even if you want to experience the newest technologies, EthosPay has what you're looking for.

Quick Approval & Free Setup

Our approval process is lightning fast. By providing you with a fast approval process, you'll be able to move forward with your business. From the moment you apply for an account, you can be fully setup and ready to accept credit cards within days. Although we provide you with a rapid approval, we don't make any compromises; our team will work hard to match you with the best bank for your specific business needs.

Our experts work for hard to deliver quality services.

At EthosPay, you'll also benefit from a 100% free setup of your account. We don't charge you any hidden fees; the setup process will never cost you anything. Whether you need unique services such as chargeback mitigation solutions or even if your business needs are simple, you won't be charged a dime.

Chargeback Mitigation

Dealing with chargebacks can be terrible for business, which is why we also provide chargeback mitigation solutions. If your chargeback rate is high, we will work with you to find the best solution available. Keeping your chargeback rate as low as possible will become our number one priority.

Prevent chargebacks before they occur.

When choosing EthosPay for your credit card billing needs, your business will never have to deal with high chargeback rates again. Our mitigation solutions allow you to get notified when suspicious activities are in progress. By keeping track of fraudulent charges and suspicious activities, you'll be able to prevent chargebacks from ever occurring in the first place.

24/7 Support Team

Our team has over a decade of experience in the credit card processing industry. With so many years of dedicated experience, we are fully capable of providing you with the best services available. The experts at EthosPay are dedicated to providing you with the best response times and the most accurate assistance possible.

As leaders in the marketing merchant account industry, we believe that providing a solid support system is the best way to fully satisfying clients. Working directly with local banks would never provide you with the same amount of support. At EthosPay, you are our main priority.