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EthosPay specializes in getting medical-based businesses approved for credit card billing accounts. Applying is easy and you can be fully setup & ready to go within days!

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As an Industry Leader, EthosPay Provides Quality Services at the Most Competitive Rates. We Work With a Variety of Banks and Match You with the Best Bank for Your Specific Business Needs!

Our fast approval process will allow you to be setup and ready to go just days after applying at EthosPay. We provide a 100% free setup and 24/7 support that is always available. We also offer chargeback mitigation solutions & multiple MID management for high volume businesses!

With a fast approval process, you'll be able to accept credit cards in no time. Our amazing team of experts will get your account setup at absolutely no cost. Plus, with 24/7 support by your side at all times, you'll never have to worry about a thing.

Medicals Merchant Accounts

While most medical businesses are not considered high-risk businesses, finding the ideal merchant processor is not always an easy task. Many businesses in the medical industry end up choosing their local bank for their credit card processing needs. Although it gets the job done, it doesn't guarantee the best rates and services. EthosPay works with a variety of banks and matches you with the best one for your specific needs.

Benefits of applying at EthosPay:

  • Find the best bank for your business needs
  • Benefit from a 100% free account setup
  • Enjoy our 24/7 support team of experts
  • No hidden fees - complete transparency
  • Most competitive rates in the industry

EthosPay delivers the best merchant account services in the medical industry. Whether you're a chiropractor, a medical supplies business or even a veterinarian, we will help provide a customized service tailored to your specific needs.

Enjoy Fast & Free Setup

Once you apply for a merchant account with EthosPay, you will benefit from a fast approval process. Our team of experts will immediately get to work for you in order to find the best bank for your needs. We know how important a fast approval process is, which is why we are dedicated to getting your account ready to go in days.

Our experts work for you.

Along with a fast approval, you will benefit from a 100% free setup of your account. Our highly qualified experts will get your account up and running at no cost. Whether you need to be able to accept credit card payments online or offline, we will get your system operating smoothly. You can even benefit from our mobile card readers, which is great for accepting credit card payments on the go.

Chargeback Solutions

Chargebacks can set a business back thousands of dollars and they really damage a company's reputation. When choosing EthosPay as your merchant processor, you won't have to worry about chargeback problems. We can provide you with 3rd party chargeback mitigation solutions if needed.

Never deal with high chargeback rates again.

Our chargeback solutions allow you to receive notifications of suspicious activities so you can deal with them before they become an issue. By avoiding fraudulent charges and keeping your chargeback percentage low, you'll be able to keep your business in great standing.

Industry-Leading Support Team

At EthosPay, you'll benefit from an incredible support team by your side at all times. Whether it's the middle of the afternoon or even if it's the middle of the night, our experts are always standing by. We aim to provide the best support team in the industry so you can feel safe that your business is in good hands.

Our Support Team Is:

  • Highly Qualified with Years of Experience
  • Available to Assist You 24/7
  • Native English Speakers
  • Polite and Happy to Help You Out

We specialize in working side by side with businesses in the medical industry. Our numerous years of experience in this specific industry allow us to provide you with cutting-edge technologies, services that impress and a support staff that really knows what they're talking about.