Required Documentation for Merchant Approval

To facilitate the application process, please prepare the documents outlined below which are required to approve and open a merchant account. In some cases, additional documentation or supporting evidence is required.


Business License or Articles of Incorporation

Formal documents that establish your business as a registered company or corporation in the United States. These documents must be registered with your local governing body and filed with the Secretary of State.

Incorporation template
Business License

Current Driver’s License or Passport

A full-color scan or picture of the driver’s license or passport of the business owner as shown below. The ID provided must match the name of the merchant account application.


Business banking statements for previous 3 months

Full monthly business bank statements from the previous 3 months obtained either from your business banks’ online banking or mail delivery. The statements must be in PDF format if downloaded from online banking or clearly scanned copies of every page from monthly mail statements. For businesses less than 3 months old, please send the personal statements of the company’s owner for the previous 3 months.


Credit card processing statement for previous 3 months

If you previously held or currently hold a merchant account, please provide credit card processing statements from the last 3 months the account was in use. The statements must be in PDF format if downloaded from your merchant account provider’s online login or clearly scanned copies of every page from mail statements. Businesses that have never held a merchant account may skip this requirement.


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