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EthosPay specializes in getting salon businesses approved for merchant accounts. Experience a rapid approval process and 100% free setup of your account!

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EthosPay is a leader when it comes to getting salons approved for credit card billing accounts. We work with a variety of banks to get you the services you need. We provide industry-low rates and a fast approved process!

Our amazing team is available 24/7 and is capable of providing you with expert advice. With an entirely free setup of your account, you'll see what it's like to choose a leading merchant processor. Experience the best salon credit card billing services available by joining EthosPay!

Salons Merchant Accounts

Salons are often considered low risk businesses, which often causes them to choose just about any bank as their credit card processor. Although this seems like an easy solution, it's hardly ever the best way to do business. With EthosPay, you'll get to experience lower rates and better overall services. We even provide you with 24/7 support so you can have piece at mind even if you notice an issue during the middle of the night.

Benefits of Choosing EthosPay:

  • 100% Account Setup
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Rapid Approval Process
  • Support Team Available 24/7
  • Chargeback Mitigation Solutions

Choosing EthosPay is a smart business decision that will allow your salon to save money and benefit from better services. Our team of experts are always right around the corner ready to provide assistance. With over a decade of experience, we really know how to make any business benefit from credit card billing services. Give your business the boost it needs by joining EthosPay today.

Fast Approvals & Free Account Setup

At EthosPay, you get to benefit from an incredibly fast account approval. From the moment you fill out the application form on this web page, you could be accepting credit cards within a matter of days. We work hard to find the best bank that suits your business model to perfection. With so many years of experience in this industry, we can find the perfect bank for you within days.

Setting up your account is easy.

We know that you have better things to do than to spend time setting up your credit card processing account. For that reason, we provide 100% free set up of your account. One of our experts will work with you to get the best services for your business. Once your account is all set up and ready to go, we will continue providing on-going support whenever you need it.


Chargebacks can make a business go bankrupt; they are terrible and need to be controlled. At EthosPay, we provide support for businesses that are dealing with high chargeback rates. By providing you with 3rd party chargeback mitigation solutions, you will be able to keep them at a minimum.

Avoid them before they become a problem.

When using out chargeback mitigation solutions, you will be alerted every time a fraudulent or suspicious transaction occurs. Whether your business accepts payments online or offline, you will be able to deal with the issue before it becomes a much larger problem. Keeping your chargebacks low will allow you to save money and keep your business in good standing.

Amazing Support Team

At EthosPay, we pride ourselves in having one of the best merchant processor support teams in the entire nation. Our support team is made up of experts in the industry who all have years of experience.

Our Experts Are:

  • Available 24/7
  • Polite
  • Native English
  • Highly Qualified

Regardless of your issue or inquiry, one of our experts will help you deal with your concern. We are always available and can provide the assistance you need no matter what time it is. Benefiting for a solid support team can allow you to avoid lengthy downtimes and keep your clients satisfied at all times.