CBD Merchant Account Solutions

EthosPay provides CBD merchant processing solutions for your CBD business. Merchants who deal with hemp products, medical marijuana, or other goods and services in the cannabis industry can qualify for a range of high risk CBD merchant processing services with EthosPay.

EthosPay is a Specialist Cannabidiol (CBD) Payment Processor

Finding a reliable credit card processor when selling cannabidiol (CBD) oil, hemp oil, or any other products or services related to CBD and hemp businesses is extremely difficult. As one of the high risk industries, banks will often refuse to open accounts for CBD businesses and leave your business struggling to find a payment processor for accepting online payments.

However, EthosPay specializes in working closely with CBD merchants to provide credit card processing solutions which are tailored to your CBD business. Our range of payment processor options is designed to meet the requirements of your company with all of the CBD bank services one would expect from any other financial institution such as CBD online banking, CBD merchant account, and much more.

As the legalization of the medicinal and recreational use of CBD oil and other related products continues to expand across the United States, the demand for solutions to process increasing CBD sales also grows. At EthosPay, we work closely with high risk industries such as the cannabis industry to offer the best payment processing solutions which fit the specific needs of your CBD business.

Getting Approved for CBD Online Banking Services

Our aim is to make merchant accounts as accessible and hassle-free as possible for all merchants in the CBD and hemp industry. Regardless of whether your business focuses on the sale of medical marijuana, CBD oil, hemp products, or any other products related to the cannabis industry, we can help you to start CBD payment processing in no time.

You can get your CBD merchant account and begin credit card processing for sales in less than 72 hours:

  • Complete the brief online application for accounts for CBD
  • Digitally sign the merchant agreement
  • Get Pre-Approved within 24 hours
  • Upload any supporting documentation requested
  • More than 99% of applications are approved
  • Start CBD payment processing within 72 hours

Our simple process takes the worry, stress, and hassle out of expanding the CBD sales opportunities for your business. Once approved you can offer your clients a broad range of payment methods, making life easier for them and creating more trust between your CBD business and customers.

Our experts are on hand at all times throughout the application process to help you find the payment processing solutions which are suited to your business's particular needs.

Building Your Business with a CBD Merchant Account

Once you are up and running, EthosPay offers continuous support for your business. You can easily track sales by using our CBD business banking portal which shows you a simple breakdown of credit card processing fees, sales, and other important information to help track sales made via your payment gateway.

Our merchant services go beyond simply providing a CBD payment processing and we are always available to help and share our expert knowledge of the cannabis industry. Our aim is to ensure you receive a unique CBD merchant processing solution which will not only allow you to accept a broad range of payment methods but also increase your presence in the industry and grow your CBD sales.

Contact EthosPay today to get your CBD merchant account approved within 72 hours. We pre-approve applications within 24 hours and have a 99% approval rate for merchant processors in the CBD and hemp industry.

Credit Repair Merchant Account Solutions

EthosPay is a specialist in providing credit repair payment processing solutions for businesses that work with clients who have bad credit. Companies that work with clients in poor financial situations are targeted as high risk by financial institutions and banks, but with EthosPay your company can begin accepting credit card payments in less than 72 hours regardless of circumstance.

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