Credit Repair Merchant Account Solutions

EthosPay is a specialist in providing credit repair payment processing solutions for businesses that work with clients who have bad credit. Companies that work with clients in poor financial situations are targeted as high risk by financial institutions and banks, but with EthosPay your company can begin accepting credit card payments in less than 72 hours regardless of circumstance.

EthosPay is an Expert Credit Repair Payment Processing Provider

EthosPay understands the requirements of businesses within the credit repair industry. Since the 2008 recession, credit scores have become hugely important in the everyday lives of millions of people and through credit repair agencies they can gain a second chance at life by improving their credit score.

However, traditional banks and financial institutions continue to categorize credit repair merchants as high risk due to the risks associated with catering to clients who have bad credit. There is a possibility that any client who has previously failed or defaulted on payments will do so again and this leaves any credit repair company in a difficult situation when they wish to accept credit card as a form of payment.

However, EthosPay works closely with businesses within the credit repair industry by offering high risk merchant accounts. Our credit repair payment processing solutions allow your business to accept Visa, MasterCard, and other credit card payments using a virtual terminal. Repair merchant accounts are not easy to find, but with EthosPay, you can get pre-approved for a credit repair merchant account within 24 hours and begin to accept credit card payments from clients in just 72 hours.

Improving Your Business With a Credit Repair Merchant Account

There has been considerable growth within the credit repair industry in recent years. This has led to a huge demand for clients to make credit card payments when using a credit repair service. Having the ability to collect payments via a payment gateway is essential for your credit repair business and can instantly increase customer satisfaction, reputation, and income.

Trying to find a credit card processor using traditional means such as banks is a long and difficult process with little guarantee of a positive outcome in the end. This leaves your clients unable to make credit card payments and could possibly cost your business in regards to sales and trust. With an ever-increasing number of people seeking more convenient ways to make payments, not having a payment gateway for your company could lead to disaster in the future.

EthosPay provides an easy application with pre-approval in less than 24 hours. After pre-approval, your credit repair company could start accepting credit card payments in just 72 hours. Our platform for credit repair merchants allows you to manage sales made via a virtual terminal and offers credit repair merchant processing solutions such as chargeback prevention which is very common in the credit repair industry.

Getting Approved for a Credit Repair Merchant Account

At EthosPay, we have created a hassle-free and straightforward merchant account application process to help credit repair merchants to begin accepting credit card payments quickly. Our repair merchant accounts are tailored to your individual needs and every applicant is assigned a personal account representative to assist throughout the credit repair merchant account application and beyond.

Whether your business has already been rejected by another bank or financial institution, has a bad credit history, high chargebacks, no credit, or any other situations, you can apply for credit repair payment processing with EthosPay. Get approved and become a credit card processor in less than 72 hours:

  • Complete the brief online application for accounts for CBD
  • Digitally sign the merchant agreement
  • Get Pre-Approved within 24 hours
  • Upload any supporting documentation requested
  • More than 99% of applications are approved
  • Start CBD payment processing within 72 hours

Our credit repair service goes beyond just offering payment processing for your business. Our expert industry knowledge can help your credit repair company grow and expand, increasing your client database, yearly turnover, and business reputation.

Credit Repair Payment Processing Services to Suit Your Needs

High risk merchant accounts are prevalent throughout the credit repair industry due to the lack of understanding from traditional financial institutions about a business’s situation. However, at EthosPay our credit repair merchant account not only allows you to process credit card payments but also grants you access to our suite of credit repair services.

We utilize the latest technology to catch common issues before they affect your business. Our payment processing solutions can include chargeback prevention help, a secure payment gateway, in-depth transaction reports, CRM integration, and much more. These payment processing services will help to keep your business free from fraud, chargebacks, and other common industry hassles.

Our broad range of solutions put you one step ahead when dealing with potential fraud or chargebacks. We also include personalized assistance as part of our credit repair service, providing access to an industry expert throughout the application process and beyond.

Our experts can provide assistance in staying compliant and utilizing the best practices for your specific business, improving your credit score by avoiding chargebacks and other issues which are considered as red flags when applying for repair merchant accounts, and even reducing outstanding company debt.

Contact EthosPay today and get your credit repair merchant account pre-approved within 24 hours. We accept and approve 99% of applications and can provide your credit repair business with payment processing solutions in just 72 hours.

Psychic Merchant Account Solutions

EthosPay provides expert assistance in obtaining credit card processing abilities for your psychic or fortunetelling business. Connect with clients in a more meaningful way by offering convenient payment options with a psychic merchant account from EthosPay in just 72 hours.

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